New anti legionella electronic taps and mixers from Douglas Delabie

Friday 7th August 2009

Douglas Delabie Tempomatic 3 non touch electronic taps and mixers , now incorporate an automatic 'anti-legionella duty flush' to prevent water stagnation and bacteria development in the supply pipes.
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Douglas Delabie Grabs hygienic accessories

Wednesday 3rd June 2009

Douglas Delabie has introduced under its Sogeprove banner, a new specialist range of grab bars and grab / support rails and shower seats for public and commercial places.
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Newly created Douglas Delabie company selects KBB/HPE 2008 as launch platform

Saturday 1st March 2008

At KBB/HPE, March 2008, the Douglas Group is showcasing innovative washroom control solutions for the commercial market under the banner of its newly created company - Douglas-Delabie.
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Douglas Delabie expands thermostatic shower panels range

Thursday 1st November 2007

New sensor/electronic operated Premix Thermostatic Shower Panels provide feature automatic anti-legionella 'duty-flush' operation.
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Douglas Delabie's New anti-legionella taps and mixers

Saturday 1st September 2007

Each year in the UK, there are around 200-250 recorded cases of Legionnaire's Disease. and a growing awareness of the need to address MRSA and other cross contamination infections prevalent in healthcare and other public heath sectors.
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New dual control avance elan and expanded shower heads range

Sunday 1st July 2007

Following the success of its Avance Elite Thermostatic Shower Valve, Douglas Controls - the specialist supplier of thermostatic control solutions and accessories - has introduced a new dual control version, called the Avance Elan. Also, the company's range of Shower Heads has been expanded with several new additions.
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Built not by chance, but by Design

Monday 25th June 2007

There is an obvious need for the industry to be more energy efficient and pay more attention to the ways in which energy is used and wasted.
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Douglas welcomes government commitment to hot water safety

Thursday 14th June 2007

As an active supporter of the Hot Water Burns Like Fire Campaign, which has been highlighting the benefits of thermostatic mixing valve anti-scald devices, the Douglas Group welcomes the Government's commitment to hot water safety in housing.
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