High resistance to vandalism

Delabie fittings are all designed to be extra robust, with a durable chrome-plated finish that resists damage. Their reinforced fixings and shock-proof mechanisms stand up to thousands of operations. The range has a host of increased safety features, such as ligature-free fixings and anti-blocking devices which only allow taps to work after the push button is released. Delabie's designers and engineers are constantly rethinking how to help customers fight vandalism and refining products to meet the rigour of the commercial environment.

Easy maintenance

Product flexibility keeps maintenance to a minimum and is a key feature of all Delabie fittings. Products are easy to fit and adjust on site, so installers and clients save time and money. Maintenance is made simpler, with few moving parts and features like interchangeable cartridges which are easily accessed without removing valves.

Where possible, scale proof materials are used, preventing impurities getting in and reducing servicing. Shower heads are scale proof, with grid-free spray nozzles. The company has vast experience in the very specific needs of PFIs (Private Funding Initiatives). These demand a 25-year life cycle, so you can be sure that all Delabie products are robust, reliable and really made to last. However, if there is a more complicated problem, the technical team is ready to help, by phone, fax or email.

Quick installation and easy adjustment

Maintenance, adjustment and spare part replacement is so much easier when you don't need to cut the water off to do the work. Delabie utilises a patented system that does just that. Adjusting the flow rate with the water still connected dramatically cuts installation time. For instance, a tap will be pre-set at 3 bar, and flow rate adjusted with an Allen key in the centre of the push button. And all Delabie fittings are made to be easily accessible for spares and replacements.


Delabie fittings are made to last, with many items being tested up to 500,000 cycles. Pneumatic flushes use a unique dry system that guarantees safe, reliable working every time. Taps, showers and mechanisms are designed to be hydraulically self-cleaning. With a calibrated groove that governs the time flow, there is no friction of metal against metal or plastic. The shut-off is entirely reliable, even after a long time. High performance standards are maintained with regular laboratory testing and rigorous monitoring. Shut-off delay is set according to each type of use and to EN-NF 816 specifications.